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Hello World, welcome to my site: jybjones.com. I have a background in entertainment and media with a focus in Business Development. Having recently completed my MBA in Design Strategy, I discovered a passion and need to continue to grow as an interdisciplinary facilitator and communicator at the intersection of business, design, and tech. From agencies, startups, and fortune500 companies, I am an agile collaborator who strives in dynamic environments where innovation, education, and creative thinking are valued and encouraged.

I am available for freelance opportunities if the project is a good fit.

Design Strategist

Design Strategist and creator passionate about finding exciting and engaging ways design can be used to translate ideas into value and how we can merge design into tangible form and function by strengthening creative endeavors that align business goals and objectives.

Software Developer

Full Stack Software Developer passionate about creating the connections and solutions to everyday problems. I’m equally enthusiastic about challenges to the front-end and back-end of web applications and am familiar and proficient with frameworks, libraries, task managers, Javascript, Node.js, Angular.js and more.

Capabilities & Tools

Design and Business are interconnected.

Business is the strategy for how to go about solving a problem, and business is human-centered. Technology helps bridge the gap between the two.

Planning & Strategy

I have a strong combination of creative and analytical skills to both create business and marketing plans, as well as analyze them.

Design & UX

Recognizing that complex problems need to be addressed through a multi-faceted approach centered around a user’s touchpoints is what ultimately delivers delight, joy, and inspiration.

Tools I have Experience With:

Some Projects I Have Worked On

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UX Design & Research


Apps & Code

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Mobile Future
Research on the future of mobile development for a client.
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Workflow Research
Research and discovery of WHAT IS in patient and provider workflow experience.
UX work thumbnail
Patient check in app.
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Portal Research
Research on patient portals and how to increase engagement.
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Interactive Design and Research project connecting global gamers at various airports.
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People Like Us
PLUS connects K-12 educators' needs with community resources.
UX work thumbnail
Small business incubator in Oakland, CA
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Rolling Muse
Rolling Muse is a music discovery platform that helps you find music through like-minded people.
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Mosey is an SF startup where people create adventures.
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Women's health startup focused on data and wearable technology.
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Verify your professional colleagues, download on iTunes!
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wāv app
wāv app is a new social site to meet people nearby, download on iTunes!
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Examples of some client front-end theming coded for Premise Health.
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One of my first projects at NSS using an API
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SnackTN showcases local foods, drinks and makers.
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Mid-term capstone at NSS. Built using Angular and Phaser, this is a fun game with cats in space!
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Final Capstone Project

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